Global University Counsellor Connect (GUCC)

Dear Friends,


We hope this message finds you safe and secure. As we begin what we hope is the “beginning of the end” of the pandemic, we wanted to update you on GUCC.


We began GUCC in 2014, holding our first conference in 2015, motivated to offer professional development for each other that was specific to our region and accessible to colleagues from a range of schools. We also wanted to offer our colleagues the opportunity to present at conferences, share their expertise, and develop their presentation and leadership skills.  We have been overwhelmed by the popularity of GUCC and are amazed at the extent of its appeal.


In 2019, our fifth year, we emerged with a renewed sense of our mission and were delighted that Junita Sockalingam and Sok Hwee Sng stepped forward to lead GUCC. They had an inspired list of sessions organised for GUCC 2020 but unfortunately, because we felt that an online version would lack the personal touch that made GUCC such a success in the past, we cancelled GUCC in 2020 and again in 2021. While we hope that travel and gatherings will be able to resume soon, at this time we feel we must make a decision about the future.  So, it is with a very heavy heart that we have decided that we will close the curtain on GUCC.


GUCC has always been a group effort. We have been nurtured and supported by our university counselling community in Singapore throughout, from its inception, to the first conference, and until today. The leadership and staff at SJI International have also been a constant support. That everyone does this with warmth, good humour, and a lot of patience made planning and running GUCC an honour.


GUCC also owes its success to the many university representatives that joined over the years. The close, personal interaction they provided through the conference, as well as the encouragement they so readily gave was invaluable. We want to specially recognise the representatives who took a chance and joined us in our first year, somehow convincing their managers to take a gamble on this small experiment in Singapore!


We are very pleased that since the first GUCC there are now a number of regional conferences in a variety of locations. We are especially proud that many of our colleagues have gone on to present at these conferences, having first presented at GUCC. While GUCC will be drawing to a close, we are proud of the fact that the participants have gone on to build networks, as well as share their expertise, which has fulfilled our mission and ensured that the spirit of GUCC will continue.


We hope you will be able to continue your professional development through other online workshops and personal connections. And we hope that the many regional workshops that we saw after the launch of GUCC continue to find a way to operate.


We thank you again for your participation and support of GUCC.  It was quite an amazing adventure and we will always feel fortunate to have been a part of this journey with you.




Sean and Tannaz