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Welcome to GUCC 2019!

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Welcome to GUCC 2019!
We are 5 years old this year and are delighted that you are here to celebrate and learn with us.

When we began planning GUCC in September 2014 we never imagined GUCC would be happening in 2019. In fact, we were so focused on ensuring the first one succeeded that we never once consider that GUCC would become a yearly event in Asia. And yet, here we are, turning 5.

Turning 5 is significant. It is the age at which children often start school and start to develop their independence. It is the same with GUCC. This year we are fortunate to be able to offer financial aid to nine participants. We thank Zoe C Williams and Joan Liu for taking the lead on this and guiding us through the process. We also owe a huge thank you to Pamela Kelly Wetzell and Diana Abukazam for taking control of the programme. We are excited about the sessions on offer this year, including the Speed Dating sessions and the Rapid Fire Round, which are new formats for us (with thanks to the CIS Forum for introducing us to the rapid fire format). We are confident you will find it a fully worthwhile two days.

You are probably familiar with the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” and we agree. GUCC has been nurtured and supported by our university counselling/advising community in Singapore. The leadership and staff at SJI International have also been a constant support. That everyone does this with warmth, good humour and a lot of patience makes growing up an enjoyable and exciting process.

When we launched GUCC 5 years ago we were motivated to offer professional development for each other that was specific to our region, and accessible to colleagues from a range of schools. We are very pleased that since the first GUCC there now are a number of regional conferences in many different locations. As a result we went through quite a bit of soul-searching this past year questioning whether there is still a place and need for GUCC. We have come out of that with a renewed sense of our mission and are delighted that GUCC 2020 will be organised by Junita Sockalingam and Sok Hwee Sng and will be held at SJI International on April 17 and 18. We look forward to seeing you then!

We hope you leave GUCC 2019 with new ideas and approaches to ensure that your students receive the best possible guidance in finding their path, as well as a renewed enthusiasm for the critical role you play in this process.

Warm regards,

GUCC 2019 Organising Committee.

Welcome to GUCC 2018!

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Four years ago a small group of us in Singapore wanted to find a way to give back. We recognised how fortunate we are to have each other as a resource on the island, and wanted to help build a supportive network of colleagues in our region.  What started as a discussion quickly became a successful regional workshop in 2015.  Now in its fourth year, GUCC has become an annual event that brings together school based counsellors from all over Asia. As we head into our fifth year we continue to be overwhelmed and humbled by the support and encouragement we have received.

As always we encourage you to take advantage of the interactions you will have over these two days. To help facilitate this we have arranged “country” tables at lunch on Friday and we hope this will allow you to set up your own support networks with colleagues.  The university representatives will also lead the breakout sessions this year, and all participants have the opportunity to attend two of these.

While it can be comforting at workshops like this to mingle with colleagues you already know, we hope you will push yourself to make new contacts and expand your support network. You will be meeting new people, and oftentimes be making long-term friends and even future colleagues. We encourage you to take opportunities not just to learn but also to share, as we all look to learn from each other.

Our programme is always put together with one question in mind: what do we as school based university counsellors need to do our job better? This year we are running three sessions concurrently. While this inevitably means that you will find there are times that you want to attend two or even three sessions at the same time, we are excited about the variety and scope of the sessions offered.

We trust you will leave after these two days exhausted but energised, and eager to go back to your schools to implement what you have learned with your students.

Warm regards,

GUCC 2018 Organising Committee.

Welcome to GUCC 2017!

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We are very pleased to see you here and continue to be overwhelmed by the positive support for GUCC. We held the first GUCC in 2015; it is hard to believe that when we started, just two years ago, there were almost no other regional conferences for our community. We are very glad to see the introduction of such conferences over these past two years, recognising the important role they play in our professional development and continuous learning.

But we believe GUCC is different. We have held fast to our mission to facilitate peer to peer learning, to give school based counsellors like us the tools we need to do our job better. The timing of GUCC as well as all sessions are planned with this goal in mind. Another aspect to our mission is to give colleagues the opportunity to present, perhaps for the first time. At the CIS-EARCOS Conference in Bangkok last September, 4 of the 43 sessions were first presented at GUCC and another 2 were a direct result of conversations that took place at GUCC. We hope that in future years you will take the opportunity to present at GUCC.

We encourage you to take advantage of the close interactions you can have over these two days with each other, the presenters and the university representatives. It is our university representatives who have given us some of our best moments: GUCC 2015 will be remembered for the comment “all we are looking for is a brain on a seat” and GUCC 2016 for the comment “applicants from North Dakota are like unicorns.” It now remains to be seen what GUCC 2017 will bring!

We are excited to work together over the next two days and to continue to support each other.

Warm regards,

GUCC 2017 Organising Committee.

Welcome to GUCC 2016!

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We are thrilled to welcome you to Global University Counsellor Connect 2016 and to what promise to be two very busy and productive days.

We never expected to be here. When we organised GUCC 2015 we expected it would be a one-time event. However, the feedback we got convinced us that there was a need for such a gathering in our region and hence, here we are again. We now have a website, which you used to register for GUCC 2016 and we are honoured to have been awarded an Imagine Grant through NACAC in the US to develop our website.

We are very proud that many of our presenters this year are first time presenters. All were participants last year. Part of our mission is to provide an opportunity to present and lead sessions and we hope that in future years you will take this professional development opportunity. We have paired first time presenters with more experienced ones, thus allowing us another avenue through which we can work together.

Our programme is put together keeping one question in mind: what do we as school based university counsellors need to do our job better? We have an exciting line up of sessions and unfortunately it is not possible to attend all. It will have been a successful workshop if you leave after the two days feeling better informed and more confident, better prepared to work with your students.

Another focus of our mission is to build a supportive community of colleagues. Many of us are sole practitioners in our schools and do not have ready access to professional development or training. Use these two days at GUCC to start to build your own professional support network. We encourage you to sit next to different people every time, sit at a different end of the room, have as many conversations with the other participants as you can. It’s quite simple!

And finally take full advantage of the close interaction you have these two days with the university representatives. Make use of them and their expertise. Most have flown in just for these two days. We are very grateful for their time and participation.
We look forward to working with you over these two days and to continuing to build our learning community together.

Warm regards,

GUCC 2016 Organising Committee.

Welcome to GUCC 2015!

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On behalf of the committee involved in organising the Global University Counsellor Connect 2015 we are very pleased to welcome you to our workshop. We trust it will be a productive and useful two days for you.

We call this a workshop rather than a conference because we hope our presenters and participants are fully engaged over the two days, both contributing as well as learning. Each session is chaired by school-based university counsellors, assisted by university representatives. As we planned the sessions we were always mindful that our focus is our students and the tools that we, as counsellors, need to best work with them.

We hope you can take advantage of the university representatives who are attending, all of whom focus on our region and understand our students’ unique needs. They know our school systems, examination boards, locations and languages. They reach out to a wide variety of schools and that is why we reached out to them when we began planning.

In keeping with the workshop style of the meeting, the lunch breaks are “working lunches”:

  • On Friday we have organised Interest Tables, where discussions will focus on particular topics.
  • On Saturday we have a fair with 20 institutions and organisations based in Singapore in attendance, to give you the opportunity to learn more about the varied higher education options available for our students in Singapore. As this is the main application time in Singapore and therefore a particularly busy time for Singapore universities, we are very grateful for the time they are giving up to participate in the fair.

We also hope you will take the opportunity to visit either SIM GE or SMU on Friday evening, and then join us for dinner. There is a great view from the restaurant!

We realise the schedule is packed full and it will be an exhausting two days.  However, we are sure it will be worthwhile for you. We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement not only of our counselling community in Singapore, but also from counsellors in the region. We have had to close registration – not something we were expecting! There is clearly a need for such a workshop and we look forward to what we hope is the start of building our own learning community.

Warm regards,

GUCC 2015 Organising Committee.