Global University Counsellor Connect (GUCC)

Registration is now open for GUCC 2019 which will take place on April 26 and 27, 2019.

GUCC was conceived by Tannaz Daver and Sean McAuley, both of whom are university counsellors in schools in Singapore. However, it became a reality because of the support and dedication of a team of like-minded colleagues in Singapore.

We embarked on this project as a way of giving back. We have a supportive and close group of colleagues here in Singapore that has grown and developed over many years, giving us the opportunity to learn from each other. We realise there is no straightforward, structured training readily available and much is learnt on the job. Recognising this, and that many of our colleagues are sole practitioners in schools, without access to professional development or a supportive network provided the impetus to the organising team.

GUCC is our way of taking this supportive network and directed training one step further. Understanding the immense value gained by sharing with other practitioners, our focus is to organise a programme that will enable participants to go back to their schools with new colleagues to reach out to, practical ideas they can use immediately and more knowledge to share with their school communities. Most of us are not in situations where we need to know the ins and outs of every university in any one country, but we need to know a little bit about many systems and we need to have the tools to learn more as needed. The programme is therefore designed with this in mind.A second focus was to give us and our colleagues the opportunity to develop and lead sessions, thus providing another professional development opportunity.

Recognising that many of us are in schools with limited resources, we endeavour to keep costs very low; all session leaders donate their time. University representatives pay their own expenses and our own schools gave us time off as needed. Dates are chosen that are convenient for both counselors and universities. SJI International sponsors the facilities and resources. A hotel near the school gave us an attractive rate and UWCSEA-Dover donates buses to and from the hotel. Parents from the SJI International community created the logo design and designed the workshop programme.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from all stakeholders. The university representatives understand our mission and are excited to take part. They work alongside us for the two days and are very generous with the information they share. The representatives know our region and our students well and their willingness to go beyond the “party line” is much appreciated and sparks a lively debate.